401 Don’t Be a Boring Explainer: Add Strategic Storytelling to Your Training Toolkit

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Wednesday, September 28

Brain research suggests that most people forget more than 40% of the information you tell them by the very next day. After a week, they will likely have forgotten nearly all of what you said.

The good news is that your message is many times more memorable when delivered in a story. Think of the implications of this for learners!

Strategic storytelling is an emotionally intelligent, results-oriented approach that can help you connect relevant storytelling to curriculum so learners see, feel, and retain what you’re trying to teach. This begins with identifying appropriate source materials, and extends through design and delivery.

 In this session, you will learn how to:


  •  Identify source material for stories connected to what learners need to know
  • Design compelling, curriculum-aligned stories that initiate interest, hold attention, and gain agreement
  • Adapt your stories to different learning formats such as in-person, digital/on-screen training, or scenario-based training


J. Noble



J. Noble has acted, directed, produced, and taught. Known as an authentic communicator with the ability to teach that skill to others, J. has been a popular facilitator with top-tier national corporations and organizations. Eight years ago, J. created Alliance@work, a talent development and corporate training initiative from the Tony Award- winning Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. Alliance@work helps professionals and their organizations enhance their effectiveness by merging the fundamentals of communication and collaboration with the process of creating powerful performance. J. teaches people how to share who they are and what they do in focused and believable ways to get results.

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