201 Making the Most of an eLearning Ecosystem for Workplace Development

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Wednesday, June 9

Today, many organizations are struggling to develop a robust learning strategy that provides learners with relevant learning content and engaging experiences. To meet the needs of the modern learner and the increasing pace of business change, companies require not only strong eLearning in isolation but also a broader learning ecosystem that supplies the right learning, at the right time, to drive performance.

As more and more organizations look to deploy an integrated suite of tools to fulfil their training and development needs, this session will explore what the best ‘mix’ looks like for four key stages of workplace development: onboarding, operating, performing, and upskilling. We'll draw on specific case studies to paint a picture of best practice when utilizing a range of tools, content and measures—alongside a learning platform—to meet the needs of the learner at all key stages.

During this session, we'll cover:

  • Key characteristics of need at each stage
  • The types of tools you can use to deliver training at each stage
  • The types of measures and analytic tools appropriate for assessing impact across the stages
  • Emerging trends and tools—what future versions of the integrated suite might offer

Ben Betts

Chief Executive Officer

Learning Pool

Ben Betts serves as CEO for Learning Pool, the eLearning solutions provider empowering organizations to deliver extraordinary learning outcomes with its comprehensive suite of innovative technologies. Previously, Ben served as chief product officer for Learning Pool, where he worked to help define and develop Learning Pool's next generation of workplace digital learning platforms. Ben's expertise is based in research, having completed his PhD researching the impact of gamification on adult social learning. He has authored and contributed chapters for many books has, two peer-reviewed academic papers, and has presented at conferences around the world, including TEDx.

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