801 The Accidental AR/VR Instructional Designer: How to Adapt and Succeed

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Friday, July 24

Software engineers and multimedia developers are experimenting with and creating augmented and virtual reality experiences. Users are wowed by their experience and we know it's going to be the next big thing in training. So how do instructional designers keep up? How do we make sure our AR or VR projects are more than just a cool experience? What do we need to do to create instructionally sound experiences that still wow our learners? There's a need to translate standard instructional design principles into experience design projects, and we'll walk you through our process.

In this session, you'll learn how to build on instructional design theory to create AR and VR experiences that resonate with learners. You'll explore how we modified our ID process for two of our projects—the HoloDiesel (AR) and the Virtual Data Center (VR.) We'll walk you through what we learned in each of these projects—one AR and one VR—what we'd do differently, and how we're applying what we've learned to our new projects. We'll walk you through our step-by-step process to address what we've done differently as we design for AR and VR experiences. You'll hear how we addressed design issues including creating an immersive experience, grounding the learner, getting someone up and running using an AR or VR experience, picking the right AR/VR equipment for the job, and translating scripted content into immersive experiences. You'll leave the session with more tools in your ID toolbox for creating instructionally sound AR and VR experiences. You'll also have real-world examples of experience design that you can use as you develop your own projects.

Kim Larson

Learning Innovations Manager

Fox Valley Technical College

Kim Larson leads the multimedia team in learning innovations at Fox Valley Technical College. She works with both internal and external customers to build strong relationships and ensure all projects are successfully completed. Kim also works with the team to help guide design efforts and ensure projects are instructionally sound. She brings over 15 years of curriculum design and instructional experience in traditional, blended, and online learning. Kim has presented for The Learning Guild Online Forums, Realities360, and OLC Accelerate Conferences. She earned her bachelor's degree and teaching certificate in secondary education from Eastern Michigan University and her master's degree in design and performance systems from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Kristina Wilson

Learning and Development Designer

Fox Valley Technical College

Kristina Wilson is the learning and development designer at Fox Valley Technical College. She brings over 10 years of experience in creating, writing, and editing training materials and eLearning, in addition to a bachelor's degree in professional communications and emerging media from UW Stout. In her current role, she helps instructors and private industry teams determine training/learning needs, write engaging and learner-focused content, and verify training effectiveness. She enjoys creating new and exciting types of content, including AR/VR simulations, scenarios, eLearning, SOPs, and manuals. Kris has presented at conferences for the National Communication Association, the Wisconsin Library Services, and the Correctional Education Association.

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