701 LXD: A Day in The Life

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Thursday, June 11

Creating amazing learning experiences that drive engagement and behavior change with measurements that matter is a tremendous yet very rewarding undertaking. Before we can sketch out our first idea we need to align diverse stakeholders and identify business and learning strategies with data-driven insights to ensure achievement of goals based on needs analysis, organizational culture & structure, personas, change tolerance, trends, incentives, and the adoptability of ‘modern learning’.

In this session we’ll talk about how to get started identifying all the players involved with an initiative, the critical need for good performance consulting, managing difficult conversations, and how to build credibility and trust with brand new teams. We will also review some of the steps to help get you there including learning journey mapping, experience design sessions, and wireframing & prototyping, and how having the ‘right people’ in the room is a must to ensure success.

Linda Daniels

Associate Director | Innovation Accelerator | Vaccines


Linda Daniels is a strategic partner with a focus on architecting universal, holistic, and accessible experiences to improve the world in which people live, work, and play. She is recognized for business and problem-solving insights with emphasis on human-centered design, Agile methodologies, and design thinking to build multidisciplinary teams that bring concepts to reality and deliver growth for worldwide brands.

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