501 Innovation Governance: Turning Big Ideas into Low-Cost Experiments

8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Thursday, June 11

Team mantras these days are all about acceleration: Get stuff done. Fail fast. Learn fast. Move fast and break things. Even our methods emphasize the need for speed: Agile. Sprint. Rapid prototyping. While there’s no doubt that traditional design approaches are slow, our rush to move faster doesn't explain why we’re still investing in solutions that don't meet the needs of users or stakeholders.

A lot of effort and uncertainty is involved in getting from “What should we build?” to a viable, feasible, and desirable solution. In this session we’ll explore the concept of innovation governance: a framework for capturing ideas, prioritizing them, and developing solutions that solve user problems. Learn how design thinking, lean, and Agile can be integrated to help you find patterns in the noise, turning insights into low cost experiments. Walk away with ideas for how to test your idea before, during, and after development.

Becca Wilson

Senior Product Manager, Training & Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Becca Wilson is a New York City-based product manager, designer, and facilitator with experience creating innovative and engaging education products for companies and individuals. She has more than 10 years of experience in instructional design, training delivery, and developing blended learning strategies for Fortune 500 organizations. Becca currently works at Amazon Web Services (AWS) on initiatives designed to close the global cloud skills gap at scale. Previously, she worked at IBM where she focused on addressing the scarcity of artificial intelligence skills in the marketplace. Becca was also an education product manager and learning experience architect at General Assembly, supporting the ongoing discovery and development of scalable learning products in UX and product management.

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