301 LX:2020—Perfect Vision for the Ideal Learning Experiences

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Wednesday, June 10

Modern Learning Experiences (LXs) encompass all aspects of a true blended strategy inclusive of classroom instruction and online learning, plus social and game-based learning techniques. Modern LXs must combine with an ever-changing mix of internally-created content, alongside externally curated resources from leading publishers, experts, and diverse informational services.

In this session, you will explore how progressive teams in learning-centric organizations are investing in vastly improved learning experiences as they design, develop, and deploy their next-generation enterprise training initiatives. Through case studies and practice examples, we will look at several practical examples that all mandated a completely bespoke UX but leveraged a common set of underlying tools and services. These include an onboarding/new hire training for a major retailer, an extended ecosystem training portal for a wireless carrier, on-the-go sales training for a pharma company, and a Leadership Academy for a global financial services firm.

Robert Gadd


OnPoint Digital

Robert Gadd is president of OnPoint Digital and responsible for the company’s vision and strategy. OnPoint’s online and mobile-enabled offerings support more than one million workers and include innovative methods for content authoring, conversion, and delivery extended with social interactions, gamification, and enterprise-grade security for workers on their device or platform of choice. Prior to OnPoint, Robert spent 10 years as CTO of Datatec Systems and president/CTO of spin-off eDeploy.com. He is a frequent speaker on learning solutions—including mobile, informal learning, xAPI, and gamification—at national and international T&D conferences.

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