501 Short Sims: A Game Changer

8:15 AM - 9:30 AM Thursday, September 19

Short Sims is a new approach to educational media that allows for the rapid development of right-sized content that is engaging. The methodology is new but based on two decades of research. It takes advantage of several tools that are widely available.

In this session you'll learning about what the Short Sims approach is and how you can begin using it for creating microlearning content. This approach not a silver bullet technology, nor the equivalent a Hail Mary pass, but a new, revolutionary approach to the blocking and tackling of producing great content for developing competence and conviction in organizations.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What a Short Sim is, and how it is different from traditional eLearning, games, and simulations
  • Where Short Sims are the right approach in your organization
  • The project management around Short Sims
  • How to create your first Short Sim, and where to learn more

Clark Aldrich

Founder and Managing Partner

Clark Aldrich Designs

Clark Aldrich is one of the world’s top educational simulation and interface designers. Complementing his work with Clark Aldrich Designs, Clark is a global-education visionary, industry analyst, author of five books, and speaker who serves on boards of universities, of companies, and in the intelligence community. Fortune Magazine has called him a “guru,” CNN has called him a “maverick,” and hundreds of other media outlets have featured Clark and his work. Before founding his own company, Clark served as founder and director of research for Gartner’s eLearning coverage. Clark holds a degree in cognitive science from Brown University.

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