201 Approaching AI: Growing Organizational and Individual Competency

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Wednesday, July 17

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad, complex topic. We carry it in our pockets, and it is embedded in our cars and homes. Every day, new aspects of our lives are being augmented by varying levels of machine intelligence. But do you really understand the implications? And how do you prepare yourself and your organization for a digital future that is fast approaching?

In this session, you will explore AI from the viewpoint of the organization, team, and individual. After a broad but practical overview, we'll look at the dance between humans and AI, the many "modes" of the pace and trajectory of AI‚ the unique work problems AI can help you solve, and a broad map of digital skills organizations pursuing AI must master. Finally, we'll look at specific examples of how AI are currently impacting learning design, development, and delivery.

Joseph Fournier

Learning Infrastructure Designer


A long-time learning professional, Joe Fournier has been a hands-on practitioner, manager, director, and consultant to many Fortune 100 companies. He is currently a learning infrastructure designer focusing on the edge and exploring the use of technology in learning and performance contexts. Joe's current projects and interests include mobile learning, AI/machine learning, chatbots, and blockchain. Joe leads the internal Learning Innovation and AI Enthusiasts learning communities at Anthem.

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