301 Assessing the Knowledge Gap: Building Assessments Based on Objectives

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Wednesday, February 17

At the level of certification exams, the experts designing the assessment do not have access to the people or materials used in the creation of the study materials. It’s about using the body of knowledge a person should have to be certified in an area. When developing courses to teach our learners, typically we use the materials from the course to write our questions. What if you wrote the objectives for the course, and with the SME built out question pools from that information rather than the training content once it’s already written?

In this session, we’ll use objectives to create question banks. From the analysis of the results from our weighted assessments, we can build effective spaced learning and reteaching opportunities for our learners. And using the data you collect from those questions, you can determine the gaps in the educational content and build out a more robust learning ecosystem.

Emily Wood

Managing Director

Serenity Learning

Emily Wood is an innovative, award-winning senior-level development manager of learning and education with over 15 years of learning experience design, eLearning, and instructional design. She plans, manages, and executes the entire process, from gathering requirements to end-to-end course development to making courses available through the learning management system. She is a published author, noted speaker, and trusted thought leader with a track record of implementing learning best practices.

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