Video is a great way to engage your audience in a more engaging, dynamic, or emotive way than can be achieved with standard content alone. Or it can save you a lot of time when trying to explain complex concepts. PowerPoint can be a great way to create your own custom video, with easy content creation, simple ways to animate things and bring them to life, and great tools to add narration or music. It’s superb for explainer videos, but also high-impact videos, video text, or annotated interviews. Then you can also use PowerPoint to easily edit video, add various useful formatting to it, and export new content as a single video file so that it’s easier to share online or in your LMS.


In this session you’ll see how to achieve some great things with video, all in PowerPoint, plus some excellent free resources for video source content, ways to change file formats, and tips on reducing video file size. You’ll also learn some great techniques for creating your own videos with animation, whiteboard sketching, and narration, along with seeing some excellent use cases for round-tripping video into video and the great effects you can achieve with it. And it’s all done using PowerPoint. No, really!


Session Video