It started with a familiar request, “We need a large training program for one of our new product teams … and we need it in about 90 days. Can you create that?” 

At FIS, we started with a non-traditional solution. It worked but we saw the potential for greater transformation. Today, it's still evolving as we integrate and iterate with various projects across the organization and innovate to create a learning culture that can stand the test of time.

In this session, you will explore the ongoing thinking behind a program, as we are currently iterating using modern methodologies such as resource ecosystems, modern learning design, improvements to Level 1 surveys, as well as ideas from the field of information marketing. Overall, you'll come to see how your efforts don't just come from that one session, single book, or specific article you read. The sum of all your ongoing learning is greater than the individual parts, and finding the right mixture requires a constant input of new ingredients and re-examining older favorites, testing them to see how they fit your challenges, and then tweaking when needed.


Session Video