In today’s ever-disruptive world and dizzying array of training requests, meeting deadlines and delighting stakeholders seem to be top priority! Authoring tools and technologies are proliferating rapidly and so is the increasing demand for sizzle and wowing training deliverables, developed with minimal budgets and time constraints. Learning programs are most often ‘one and done’ or ‘one size fits all’ solutions and learning impact is often unclear or doesn’t tie back to the learner’s performance.

As L&D professionals, how can we shift our design strategies and start creating unique experiences with the learner at the focal point? How can we ensure we are creating the most meaningful experience for our learners, perhaps giving them the opportunity to create their own learning journeys?

In this session we'll dive into the shift to learner-centric design, its attributes and common pitfalls. You will learn about the tools and techniques to help you refocus your design strategies with the learner in mind to achieve higher levels of engagement. We will also touch on using learner personas to produce effective content beneficial to your learners while ensuring better outcomes for both the learners and organizations.


Session Video