Instructional designers are tireless optimists; we design through a combination of learning theory, practical expertise, big dreams, and oodles of pilot testing for the glory of continuous improvement. But sometimes the process doesn't work for where you work; deadlines are tight, SMEs are MIA, pivots are required, scope changes like Mercury in retrograde.

This session will explore how Lean Six Sigma methodologies and techniques help us mitigate project let-downs and stressors, improving the way we work while holding true to the ID best practices we all know and love. You'll see how Lean Six Sigma techniques help us mitigate project let-downs and stressors to improve the way we work. You'll learn about Lean Six Sigma methodology and how to leverage the tools and strategies to make rapid improvements to your instructional design processes and projects. We'll explore what it looks like when you design a process or project for the best possible outcome and how to keep your projects on the rails when you experience challenges outside of your lane.


Session Video