Accessible learning is inclusive learning but like many important improvements in learning and development, it's rarely a simple path to creating accessible learning experiences that meet the needs of your learning population. There are questions you never thought to ask, research into unfamiliar topics, and trial and error.

In this case study session, you'll learn how RSM is working towards creating a sustainable model for accessible learning experiences in live, virtual, and eLearning environments. You'll learn how the first steps towards improving accessibility can be sparked by curiosity, research, networking, and questions such as: "How do we do live closed captioning?" "What types of accessibility do our learners need?" and "What is an .srt file, exactly?" You'll explore the value of making accessibility an intrinsic part of the learning and development process, and connect the concepts of accessible course design to workplace inclusion. Overall, you'll see how leveraging people, their talents, experiences, and interests can improve your journey towards accessible learning experiences.


Session Video