You work hard to make sure that your lesson's storyboard is a great blueprint for your new project. And then your SME reviews it and there is just one comment? "Looks great!" That's it? Your SME clearly gave it a glancing review: and they probably have NO IDEA what this solution will look like in the end. Even worse, it means that all the effort you put into storyboarding was a waste of time. There's a better way to storyboard—by being Agile-centric.

In this session, we'll discuss the pros and cons of commonly-used course development methodologies, compare those to Agile-centric methodologies, and review situations where each one may work best. Finally, you'll see samples of Agile-centric storyboards in course development tools including Storyline 360, Rise 360, Captivate, and PowerPoint. You'll examine specific features in each tool that can be used to create effective, robust storyboards within the tool, and how you may be able to fit the content outline and interaction prototypes into the storyboard.


Session Video