Have you ever wished you could incorporate professional-level voiceover or audio in your podcast, training course, or training video? Do you find that your recordings sound thin, distant, or lo-fi, or lack a depth and richness that you hear in professional audio? Are you looking to elevate the sound of your podcast or improve the audio you capture during a live video shoot? What if you could improve the quality of your audio without going to a professional studio, or without hiring outside talent?

In this session, you'll learn how you can achieve professional-sounding audio recordings from your own home or office, with software that you probably already own or can get for free: Adobe Audition or Audacity. You'll learn simple techniques that you can immediately incorporate with no cost into your daily work to record higher quality voiceover, narration, podcasts, and live video audio capture. I'll provide you with example materials lists in three different price points to fit into any budget. Finally, you'll learn audio editing techniques that can help improve previously recorded poor-quality audio.


Session Video