Over the past two decades, video has become the primary delivery method of instructional content for adults. YouTube, LinkedIn Learning, and Plural Site are examples of learning platforms having a significant impact on adult education, and all of them are video-centric. Have you been standing on the sidelines, yet to create your first training video? No worries! Now is the time to start! Video production costs continue to drop, numerous software tools make the creation process effortless, and video is accessible through most desktop and mobile devices. You are not late for the game but have picked a fantastic time to get started.

During this session, you’ll understand when is the proper time to use video for instructional content and how to use video properly during the learning journey. We’ll explore scripts and video structures that efficiently transfer knowledge. Then it’s time to explore how to select and use lights, cameras, and audio equipment, focusing on small production budgets. Finally, we’ll review the best methods for delivering your video and validating if the video was successful with analytics.


Session Video