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"Best of" Webinars - September 22, 2021

Mark Lassoff

Framework Tech Media

In this session, facilitated by a YouTube partner and six-figure YouTube earner, you'll learn how to take advantage of the unique YouTube medium. You'll understand how to grow your community of viewers and why the YouTube algorithm favors those who do. You'll also take a deep dive into YouTube analytics and understand how to align your brand's videos with the metrics that equate to YouTube success. You'll understand how and why helping YouTube succeed helps your channel succeed. After this session, you'll be prepared to revise everything from your YouTube channel art to your video format. You'll feel confident tracking the important analytics for your channel and be able to engineer predictable, steady growth of your channel for you and your learning organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How YouTube is used within learning organizations
  • How YouTube is used to train external stakeholders
  • How to develop your channel brand
  • Why and which YouTube analytics you should be monitoring
  • How to grow a community on YouTube and engage that community to grow your channel
  • How to plan successful videos
  • How to test video titles and artwork
  • Why YouTube can become a key channel for your learning organization


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