Regardless of the eLearning development tool you're using, being able to think in new ways about what is possible and what can be achieved can elevate your designs to be more engaging. Many of these tools can be used to create just about anything your instructional design mind can conceive, but what can you do when your inspiration goes beyond what your tools can accomplish with their baseline functionality? Being creative, pulling in other tools to integrate into your designs, and using some simple tricks is all that is needed to elevate your ideas and create projects that are beyond the ordinary.

In this session, we'll take a look at how to incorporate simple javascript, variables, and various Google and survey tools to boost our eLearning projects. The techniques will be demonstrated using Storyline 360, but many of the mindsets and approaches can be used or adapted in other development tools as well. We’ll explore examples to see how survey tools can be used to track the completion of online learning activities when an LMS isn't available. Then we'll find out how incorporating javascript to push variables to Google sheets can help capture learner feedback to improve your education efforts. Finally, we'll explore integrating Google Forms to not only capture user information, but present real-time data graphically back to the learner.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to use SurveyMonkey (or other survey tools) as a tracking completion system
  • How to use simple javascript, variables, and Google tools to capture user feedback
  • How to use Google Forms to capture learner information
  • How to use Google Forms to create dynamic real-time graphs


Session Video