Instructional designers expend great effort in order to design effective courses but after the course goes live, the next logical question is: Did it work? In order to improve course design, it is essential to understand specifically what, how, and why the course did or did not work; which is where data comes into play. Data is available from a number of sources, providing insights far beyond what is available from your LMS, but it will only offer benefits if you acquire meaningful data and understand how to improve instructional design based on that data.

In this session you will explore data strategy for instructional design, which includes understanding the data supply chain, evaluating the available data streams for their relative value, and the basics of data stewardship. You will learn how to design to gather meaningful data within the context of course goals and overall performance objectives, as well as how to use quantitative and qualitative data to improve course design. Additionally, you will learn the potential pitfalls of data interpretation.


Session Video