Too many organizations attempt to overcome their training challenges with conventional thinking. The topic here is not L&D training, but frontline day-to-day proprietary operational training whereby thousands of frontline workers must perform their roles competently, safely, and effectively in the face of high turnover, changing regulations or sudden shifts in protocols to account for unforeseen changes in the business.

In this session, you will hear specific examples of large-scale companies that reached the point at which conventional technologies and traditional thinking just couldn’t get them where they needed to be in the context of frontline training. Learn how they came to the conclusion that their training programs had to become more individualized and adaptive while maintaining a consistent standard for performance and competency assurance.

You will come away from this session with fresh ideas and a new framework for how to re-imagine frontline training at your organization, changing it from ‘table stakes’ into a highly valued strategic differentiator for your business!

Session Video