Nobody wants to be the person who jumped on a trend early only to have it not take off or even turn out not to live up to what was promised. But on the other hand, we also don’t want to miss the early signs of a trend that in the long term ends up deeply changing how we work either. So how do you find a good balance between healthy skepticism and the willingness to take a chance on something new, allowing you to push the envelope on your work and organization without costly missteps from chasing after trendy new topics that just don’t pan out?

In this session you’ll hear from a panel of L&D practitioners about how they evaluate the trends in both our industry, and in technology overall. You’ll get insights on how each of them critically analyzes the trends they encounter, and what their processes are for determining if something seems like it’s all hype or might have real value. They’ll also give you ideas for how to build credibility with your clients/stakeholders so your advice to them about trends can carry weight.

In the session you’ll learn:

  • What signs can hint a trend might not be all that it promises to be
  • Where to find more information on new trends that could be worth your time
  • How to know if a trend might be valuable overall, but not for the specific challenge you’re trying to solve
  • How to talk an excited stakeholder/client out of an ill-advised investment in a trend they don’t need
  • How to talk a cautious stakeholder/client into a cutting-edge trend that they’re nervous about but is a great fit for their needs.

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Mike Taylor

Learning Consultant, Mike Taylor

Mathias Vermeulen

Founder, Winston Wolfe

Becca Wilson

Senior Product Manager, Training & Certification, Amazon Web Services (AWS)