Not all trends are directly tied to an industry and some are not large enough to catch the eye of the majority of people. However knowing what is bubbling up and its proximity to the work we do now can help you make informed decisions on where to place your attention and begin the process of accommodating for new ideas or technologies to be included in your work and organization.

In this panel session, our select group of L&D leaders will explore various trends on the fringe of L&D, and those that are only just starting to enter our conversations. We’ll examine topics such as chatbots, voice activated assistants, learning engineering, machine learning, and more. Learn more of where these lesser-known tools and approaches are emerging, where they will likely be most useful, and their potential to disrupt organizational learning.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The technologies and tools that are permeating L&D
  • The new ideas and approaches emerging that are set to alter L&D
  • Where in the L&D industry the smaller trends will gain the biggest foothold
  • Where to look to learn more about the various trends impacting L&D

Session Video

All Contributors

Scott McCormick

CEO, Emergent Enterprise

Myra Roldan

Program Manager, Technical Curriculum, Amazon Web Services

Jennifer Solberg

CEO, Quantum Improvements Consulting