For years, L&D teams have been trying to demonstrate the effectiveness of their training programs and the overall impact that learning has on key business objectives. Yet only 8 percent of CEOs have reported they saw the business impact of their L&D programs, and even fewer saw a clear ROI.

If demonstrating the impact of learning is a high priority, why aren't more companies and their learning teams able to effectively do it?

During this session, Matthew Brown, VP of learning and brand success at Schoox, will unpack:

  • Why tracking and measuring learning analytics is even more critical as companies respond and reset amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • The challenges that arise when your LMS collects a limited amount of learning data—and what you should expect your LMS to collect
  • The seven metrics every L&D leader should be tracking
  • How L&D teams can use the current environment to partner with stakeholders and align on better ways to tie training and learning programs to individual, team, and overall company goals and objectives.


Session Video