In the field of eLearning, we're expected to be pocket knives, capable of just as many skills and techniques as there are ideas. The visual design of your eLearning makes or breaks your user's learning experience and engagement but if you're not a team of graphic designers, how do you create visually appealing eLearning content?

In this session, you'll learn to implement key techniques, time-saving tips and tricks, and creative priming and decision-making habits of graphic designers into your eLearning development workflow. You'll explore visual design as a linear creative process and learn how to align it with learning content creation. From creating mood boards and choosing elements to ensure all components align with a central brand image to turning complex ideas or lengthy content into visuals that will help your learners "see" your content, we'll focus on tips and resources you can put to work right away, regardless of your current skill level.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The process of creating visual design for learning content
  • How to ask the right questions of clients and stakeholders to set appropriate expectations, scope, and desired outcomes
  • How to source and utilize sources of design inspiration
  • How to create mood boards and sample compositions to obtain buy-in from clients and stakeholders
  • How to ensure visual continuity to give your eLearning a cohesive look and feel
  • How to approach creating effective visual design with complex ideas or lengthy content
  • How to respond effectively to feedback and make changes to visual design


Session Video