Sketchnoting is about listening, processing, and transferring the key ideas into a visual story telling of your notes. This technique is fantastic for helping you capture notes without having to transcribe every word, and its visual language can also transfer to other situations and help you clearly communicate visual ideas and concepts. To communicate effectively through visuals, or in this case communicate back to yourself with your own notes, we need to start with the visual basics and look at the fundamental building blocks

This session will start with the foundation on what a sketchnote is and look at various styles of sketchnoting. We'll look at ideas of how to organize your sketchnotes in a logical flow of hierarchy: whether in a row, a grid, or a column. You'll learn the fundamental visual building blocks of organizing dots, dashes, lines, and shapes to communicate a message. You'll discover what makes a well-rounded sketchnote and the differences between live sketchnoting, or shorthand sketchnoting, and post clean-up later. You'll leave this session with a new set of techniques to practice and apply immediately!

In this session, you will learn:

  • To define sketchnotes and their various styles
  • How to organize your sketchnotes in a logical hierarchy
  • About the building blocks of visual communication
  • About different types of paper and pens
  • About new technologies in digital sketchnoting vs. paper and pen


Session Video