Creating change in the training space can be difficult. When adding new technologies and content to an existing learning program, we are often encouraged to quantify the value and return on investment (ROI) that can be expected from these new programs. How can we assess and quantify, both objectively and subjectively, the ways in which immersive technology brings value to our training programs?

This session dives into the details of the business value generated by VR/AR training programs. We look at specific metrics, how they are constructed, and how they apply to different types of immersive training. We also look beyond the numerical values into some of the "softer," hard-to-quantify values that immersive technology provides. We'll apply these measurements and evaluation criteria to a variety of different VR and AR types that are typically seen in learning programs today. We'll discuss how to create and communicate specific goals and metrics for understanding the effectiveness and benefit of particular training programs. This includes an emphasis on what key metrics you should be considering and some example data that others have seen as a result of their VR/AR training implementations. This session includes introductory materials and is suited for all people, regardless of their experience with immersive technology.


Session Video