Creative Design: Think Big to Elevate Your Learner's Experience

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Learning Solutions Online Conference July 2020 - July 8, 2020

Eric Rowland

Learning Advisor

Do you struggle with being creative? Perhaps you don't think of yourself as creative or feel that you lack the creative skills to build engaging content. Maybe you don't even know where to begin when you want to have your audience do something more than read text and click next. Or is it that the problem you face is that you have many creative ideas, but it's the clients or stakeholder who want to take a more cautious approach? How can we move our creative needles just a little more to help us deliver that better learner experience we want to be able to provide?

In this session, we’ll discuss a simple creative design process that will help you unlock your creative side and build better learning experiences. Starting with a "Think Big" approach to the experience design, you’ll learn how a stronger focus on the biggest user experiences will help you create better content and training programs. By exploring these three tenets–Doing, Fun, and No Technology–you’ll ensure that the Think Big ideas and activities you create will be focused on the overall experience of the learner. Next, you’ll look at the challenge of having big ideas never see the light of day due to cautious clients/SMEs/stakeholders. You’ll discuss best practices for overcoming this common problem and giving your creative ideas a chance to break through. Finally, you’ll put your new skills to work immediately by using the Think Big approach on a popular training topic and brainstorming ideas that could help a user learn a skill or change a behavior. You’ll leave the session empowered to design and create effective, engaging, and fun experiences.


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