With so much change happening around us, our traditional approach to instructional design is no longer going to cut it. Learners and their organizations expect to receive the most relevant, engaging, and personalized content delivered to them so they can perform. How are we going to provide our learners with more holistic learning experiences that meet them at their time of need?

In this session you'll be introduced to a proven framework (design thinking) that is being used by some of today's major companies to deliver results to their users faster than ever before. We'll explore how all impactful learning experiences begin with tapping into your learners' emotions through empathy. You'll learn the basics of conducting learner interviews and how to synthesize your findings into artifacts such as learner personas and empathy maps. When you leave the session, you'll be armed with a new set of tools and techniques that allow you to create incredible experiences that put learners first while still balancing business goals.


Session Video