“Instructional Design” is too narrow—it only deals with a small part of the learning process. It’s time to shift gears and become a Learning Experience Designer (LxD). Learning experience design is a broader approach that looks at the entire learning process. Learning primarily happens through experience, supported by social feedback, content, and some formal instruction (70:20:10 sums it up). That’s why more and more are shifting their roles and titles from instructional designer to learning experience designer. Are you ready to begin your journey?

In this session, you’ll start on your path to becoming a learning experience designer. Along the way you’ll visit the key disciplines that inform LxD, including design thinking, user experience design, and cognitive science. You’ll encounter a set of research-based guidelines to design, structure, and sequence experiences into optimized learning paths. Finally, you’ll explore how to use technology, especially mobile and xAPI, to support and track learning experiences.


Session Video