Learner expectations continue to rise as engaging AR experiences from the marketing world set a new standard. With many companies experimenting with AR for learning, the reputational risk from failed learning initiatives can be high. So why not reapply proven success from large-budget industries that also use AR to change behavior? Why not learn from the success and failures from the marketers and others who have been experimenting with this technology and testing how to use it most effectively?

In this interactive session, you'll take your AR learning plans to the next level. You'll explore the leading practices the world's top marketers are using in AR to support behavior change, and you'll examine how to use these practices yourself in a learning program. Through team-based scenarios, you'll apply specific AR techniques to learning and to your own work. You'll leave with practical and tangible tips that you can leverage in your next AR project to help it succeed.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Best practices for using AR in learning, gleaned from other industries
  • Pitfalls that learning professional should avoid in AR
  • How to apply proven techniques from marketing to design the ideal user experience
  • How to extract ideas from other industries and apply to L&D

Session Video