Zappar’s motivation has always been to democratize augmented reality, making it as accessible as possible for both creators and end-users. Our ZapWorks platform offers a suite that supports each stage of the AR creation process, from development to delivery to analytics.

Over the past nine years, we’ve been around to witness not only how quickly AR has been gaining traction but also how it’s being used across industries in exciting ways to breathe new life into and elevate existing resources, especially in the L&D community.

In today’s session we’ll be showing you how easy it is to create an experience with our ZapWorks Studio tool for one of our more common L&D use cases—employee onboarding.

Please view the instructions for the Zappar app, if you are unfamiliar.

The second handout is meant to be printed and the Zapcode scanned. To view the hot spots, you will need to rotate the printed handout and keep the mobile device's camera fixed on the map portion of the handout.


Session Video