The team makeup needed to deliver a successful AR experience is different than other L&D efforts you may be used to. And that means the talent sourcing, identification, and evaluating processes you’re used to may need to shift. Not only that, but you’ll also need to explore new roles for your team, as well as new ways to bring all their skills together.

This session will help you envision the team and workflow you'll need to deliver success to your stakeholders and examines the types of jobs, tools, and processes that are used to create AR experiences. Float has successfully delivered mobile focused solutions for a decade to customers and been working in the AR space since 2014. In this session we’ll share our typical team composition and talk about the tools and processes we use to get work done. We will share key steps and deliverables used to ease the project development process and help you gain insight into decision making processes for tool selection and more. You can take this blueprint back home to share for professional development, hiring, and vendor selection guidance. Executives and project managers alike will get benefits out of this for their key emerging tech initiatives.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What team compositions you’ll want to consider for AR and emerging tech efforts
  • About the key roles and responsibilities in AR Production
  • What common tools and processes are used in AR
  • How to source and identify talent to build AR experiences


Session Video