Augmented reality continues to advance and emerge in both consumer and enterprise markets. There’s also rising interest in how to use AR for learning and performance. With AR now one of the hottest buzzwords, how much is hype and how much is substance?

In this session, you will explore the current state of augmented reality in 2020. You will see examples of AR in practice in the consumer and enterprise markets. You will examine what’s working—and what’s not—and how you can apply those lessons to learning and development. You’ll also examine what’s expected to change in the AR landscape in the near future.

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the critical components of a augmented reality experience
  • How early adopters are using AR for L&D
  • About common mistakes to avoid
  • What questions to ask to determine whether AR is right for your organization
  • The role of wearables in the AR landscape
At the end of the recording are the videos that were referenced in the session .


Session Video