Best-in-class industrial companies have embraced augmented reality (AR) to help their employees do their jobs more efficiently, effectively, and safely. But AR investments don’t just improve employee performance—they can also help your organization offer a compelling employee experience that differentiates your employer brand and enables you to attract and retain top talent.

Discover how AR is helping organizations create an exciting new employee value proposition (EVP), stand out in a tight recruiting market when marketing career opportunities to the next generation of leaders, and keep employees with business-critical skills motivated, engaged, and productive even as they approach retirement. You’ll also learn how forward-thinking companies are using AR to make learning, training, and professional development opportunities more engaging and accessible, broadening their approach to upskilling and nurturing the employees they have today.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How AR is helping leading industrial companies create a more compelling employee experience
  • How to leverage augmented reality across the employee lifecycle to recruit, engage, empower, and retain the workforce your business needs to be successful today and, in the years, to come
  • How to engage and empower highly skilled employees through AR programs focused on knowledge transfer, professional development, and career progression


Session Video