Learning leaders are feeling pressure to embrace microlearning, both from operational leaders and from the employees they train. Learning leaders want to offer more shorter-form and on-demand content, but often they don't know where to start. They don't know the formats to use, the pros and cons of different mediums, and the relative cost of different approaches. Even more importantly, they don't know where microlearning can fit into their learning ecosystem, how to bring microlearning into the workflow, or even how to introduce short-form learning into their organizations.

This session will demystify two of the latest learning trends: microlearning and learning in the workflow. What is microlearning and workflow learning, and what are some common examples of them being used in the learning ecosystem? We'll identify the most common formats and mediums that are used and help you to understand the relative effort (time and money) to develop each. We'll also discuss change management approaches to aid you in successfully introducing microlearning with the three groups most impacted: your L&D team, employees, and operational leaders. You’ll leave this session with a clear vision for where microlearning can fit into your learning ecosystem and practical ideas for how to get there.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Ways microlearning can be used in a learning ecosystem, both in and out of the workflow
  • Common forms and mediums you can use in delivering microlearning
  • The relative effort (time and money) needed for the different forms and mediums
  • Change management approaches to successfully introduce microlearning in your organization


Session Video