The 21st-century workforce is unique; people have endless options for learning in the ways that best meet their needs. Yet many of the design and development models in L&D are decades old. That’s where design thinking comes in; it’s a modern approach to creative problem-solving that’s iterative, collaborative, and experimental. And it’s also fun!

In this active session, we will explore how Design Thinking is a mindset as well as a method for generating innovative solutions. You will have an opportunity to participate in a Design Thinking cycle to see how this approach can stimulate ideas for creative, human-centered solutions that fit the modern workplace.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to think differently about learning experience design
  • How to develop empathy for learners/participants
  • How to define problems in a new way
  • How to generate lots of ideas for solutions
  • How to prototype and test your ideas


Session Video