After designing your solution to resonate with your audience, you then have to choose the right tools for the job to not only craft it but also support it being accessible and nudge people along after completion. With so many technologies available, where do you turn to find ones that can help your solution stick?

In this session you’ll learn about various low-cost and even free tools that can help make your solution one that really catches the learner’s attention and stays with them for the long haul. We’ll explore ways you can use your mobile device and Adobe Rush to create powerful, inexpensive video. You’ll learn about AWS Transcoder, Transcribe, and Polly—tools to convert media formats, turn audio to text (transcode), and convert text into lifelike speech automatically. We’ll also review different approaches to email and texting to keep the learning alive longer. Finally, we’ll move from the micro to the macro. You’ll see how to use cloud based technology from Amazon Web Services, Google, and Microsoft to help launch your first recommendation engine.


Session Video