Have you ever had this conversation with a subject-matter expert (SME)?

SME: “This needs to be in the course.”

You: “I’m not sure it does.”

SME: “Yes, they definitely need to know it.”

You: “But I’m not sure it will help them.”

SME: “Well then, they at least need to be aware of it.”

You: “Hmpfh.”

Your learners have needs, and your SMEs have knowledge and experience. The two don't always line up. SMEs with the best intentions can end up creating content that’s long on information and short on practical application. The box gets checked but post event application is limited, forcing learners to YouTube to find what they need.

In this session, you’ll learn five key strategies for working more effectively with SMEs to create content that really sticks. You’ll get practical insights, tips, and resources for making the most of your SME’s expertise and harness it in a productive way. You’ll leave better able to move your online content from simply conveying information to helping your learners solve the real problems they face every day.


Session Video