When you're creating digital content, jumping from your initial idea immediately into your eLearning development tool can seem like a way to save time. But from partners wanting time-consuming changes to ideas that seemed good in theory but don't work as well when you've executed them, moving directly into development can sometimes lead to project missteps and long-term delays. Storyboarding before development can help you try out your ideas in ways that are cheaper and faster to rework.

In this session, we'll discuss when, why, and how to create a storyboard for eLearning. You'll discover practical advice on how a storyboard can help you organize your content and add your narrative and visual design. You'll also look at the different approaches to storyboarding, as which option you use boils down to the complexity of the content, level of access you have to your SME, and your working relationship with them.

In this session you will:

  • Discover what a storyboard is and why it can help streamline your eLearning design and development processes
  • Learn when storyboarding is the right choice and what different approaches can be used for it
  • Learn how to create your own storyboards