Why Most eLearning Fails: How to Design eLearning That Gets Results

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eLearning Foundations Online Conference 2019 - December 11, 2019

Tim Slade

Freelance eLearning Designer
The eLearning Designer's Academy

Let’s admit it: most eLearning just plain sucks! The sad reality is that most eLearning courses require learners to sit through a disappointing experience, where information is poorly-organized, the content isn’t relevant, and the interactions seem contrived and without purpose. This is compounded even more when the slideshow-like presentation is interrupted with several poorly-written quiz questions and cheesy animations to make it all seem “fun.”

In this session, you will explore many of the reasons why most eLearning fails and the components that contribute to bad eLearning design. You will also explore how bad eLearning design can negatively affect the learning experience. Finally, this session will walk you through several practical methods you can immediately apply to fix your bad eLearning courses.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to determine if eLearning is the answer
  • How to design eLearning for adult learners
  • How to design performance-based eLearning interactions


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