For years, L&D focused on training courses and classes. However, the fast pace of change and explosion of knowledge in our business is driving us to new, more integrated approaches that support learning on demand, with minimal disruption to workflow and productivity. You may already be looking for ways to integrate new learning and performance solutions into your work and help your organization move beyond courses to a broader learning and performance ecosystem.

In this session you will learn how learning and performance solutions are becoming more social, adaptive, micro, immersive, informal, and workflow-based. We'll examine what a learning and performance ecosystem is, and how it is applies to a variety of learning challenges. We will discuss the technologies and metrics supporting learning and performance ecosystems, and how to assess your own progress on your ecosystem journey.

In this session, you will learn:

  • A learning and performance ecosystem approach that will help your organization move beyond courses
  • A framework to support this broader paradigm