People often don't have time to sit through a formal training course. Microlearning delivers what they need, when they need it. For an eLearning designer, however, short sessions sometimes take as long as a full course to develop. It's important to be able to create microlearning efficiently.

This session offers practical techniques to create microlearning content quickly and easily using PowerPoint. See a real-time demonstration on how to use the tool in innovative ways. Learn to create rich multimedia content in PowerPoint projects using royalty-free images, icons, audio, and video.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to capture your audience's attention and maximize their retention of information in a tiny amount of time
  • To create effective microlearning incorporating compelling visuals, engaging animation, and impactful multimedia
  • To use PowerPoint to create your dynamic, visual microlearning quickly and easily
  • Ways to output to video or HTML5 for easy distribution