Most organizations don’t typically adopt innovations for the sake of being innovative. The expectation is that a new approach will provide the same, or ideally an even better, result. But how can an organization measure results? Learners and the hardworking L&D team creating experiences for them need evaluation data, especially when incorporating a new learning approach such as microlearning.

In this session you'll explore how strategic evaluation can help you integrate microlearning into your organization’s overall talent development approach. Attention will be given to evaluative considerations when planning the initiative, at the point of implementation, and post-implementation. Additionally, you'll look at how to evaluate your efforts from a maintenance and sustainment perspective.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to set yourself up for evaluation success when implementing microlearning
  • How to use data to inform decisions on whether microlearning is a solution worth sustaining, from both a development and learner standpoint
  • Which types of learner evaluation yield the most appropriate picture of effectiveness, given the type of microlearning used