Mobile. Gamification. Social. What do they have in common? They were all at one time the biggest trends in workplace learning. For a year or two, everyone was talking about them. They still exist, but don't dominate the conversation anymore. Microlearning has taken their place as the most-discussed topic in the field. But what happens when the microlearning trend fades away? What will have changed, and where will the L&D community go next?

In this session we'll break down the concept of microlearning, and get past the myths and hype that continue to muddy the discussion. We'll share research data that highlights where microlearning is having the greatest impact on business results today. We'll explain why microlearning principles are critical for evolving your learning strategy to meet modern business needs. Finally, we'll show you how microlearning is setting the stage for new, more impactful concepts that are about to take over the L&D conversation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Where microlearning is making the biggest impact on organizations today
  • How to get past the microlearning hype to focus on proven principles
  • Why microlearning is the key to evolving your overall learning strategy
  • How to integrate microlearning principles into your work today