Microlearning is a term commonly used in our industry, but not always with a consistent definition. It’s no wonder people may talk to each other about this approach without always meaning the same things!

In this session you’ll take an expanded look at what microlearning can be, and what it looks like in practice. You’ll start by building a shared understanding of the term. You’ll then expand on that definition by exploring different examples of what microlearning looks like at organizations right now. Then you'll briefly examine a model for designing microlearning experiences so you can create effective microlearning, too.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What does – and doesn’t – fit under the umbrella of microlearning.
  • What techniques you might already be using that could be considered microlearning
  • Real examples of successful microlearning experiences created with different mediums and approaches.
  • A model for creating effective microlearning.