Learning in an eLearning module is generally assessed through multiple choice questions, rather than measuring demonstrations of target behaviors. When you design eLearning, you build in knowledge checks. All too often, these quizzes are reading comprehension tests rather than authentic assessments of skills. You need to test the target objectives to ensure you meet the goal of the program.

In this session, you will look at aligning assessments with intended outcomes and designing activities that measure skill gains. You will learn about alternatives like scenario-based activities that allow users to practice decision-making skills they will need to apply to their new learning on the job. You’ll also learn about self-check assessments and rubrics that learners and reviewers can objectively evaluate. You will learn how to create assessments that reflect measurable gains and help designers like you demonstrate ROI on projects, and help learners better master the subject at hand.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to align assessments to outcomes
  • How to build authentic assessments
  • How to build a rubric
  • How to create online scenario-based assessment activities
  • Why multiple choice questions don’t effectively assess skills