Good graphic design has the power to catch (and keep) people's interest, clarify difficult concepts, organize materials more effectively, and add a professional polish to your work. But when the graphic design for eLearning is done poorly, you get text that no one can read on screen, images that don’t match the topic or have been seen a thousand times before, layouts that are impossible to follow, or materials that your audience considers too amateur-looking to take seriously.

While there’s no substitute for a trained graphic designer, there are quite a few tricks and tips that can help even the least visually inclined person make eLearning that looks and functions more effectively. In this session, you will learn some basic design approaches that can provide immediate improvements to your work.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How good graphic design can make your eLearning easier to understand and more interesting to your audience
  • Strategies for choosing effective fonts and color schemes
  • How to choose images that enhance your content, and budget-friendly options that can help you find or create the images you need
  • Simple tips for creating eLearning layouts that are polished-looking and easy for people to navigate