Any learning developer should be happy if they've created highly polished training with strong content that also makes interesting use of new technology, right? But is it a success if it doesn’t resonate with the learner? In any training product, user experience (UX) design needs to be a top priority to ensure that the learner’s needs and goals are being met in specific and measurable ways.

The goal of this session is to provide a solid understanding of what it means to deliver a successful UX. By using the ACT connection (understanding the audience, context, and technology), a strong foundation for a powerful user experience can be built. The session will cover how to gain a complete picture of the audience, know the whole circumstances of the learning context, and evaluate the most appropriate technology for the training initiative at hand—all of which can lead to UX success. It will show how design thinking can strengthen UX design by testing ideas quickly and easily. Finally, the session will stress how any organization needs a "voice of the learner”—the UX evangelist—to keep UX as a priority.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the user experience is affected by a wide variety of variables
  • How empathy is a key component to helping understand learners better
  • How context can have a profound influence on the learning experience
  • How you can leverage technology to deliver highly personalized learning
  • How to become a UX evangelist within your organization