Interactive videos increasingly are seen as one of the most effective ways to demonstrate a desired behavior while maximizing learner retention. However, the high cost of external video production, combined with expensive interactive video authoring tools, often means that this solution is out of reach for many organizations—but it doesn’t have to be.

In this online session, you’ll see how easy it is to develop effective interactive videos using the equipment you have in your pocket and the computer you use every day. We will walk through a branching and quizzing template. Then, you’ll learn about the basic setup required to shoot your video. Finally, you’ll find out how to bring it all together with a commonly used eLearning authoring tool.

In this online session, you will learn:

  • Why interactive videos are more effective than standard linear videos
  • How to plan and script your own interactive video
  • About the basic video production techniques required to produce a video in-house
  • How to use a standard eLearning authoring tool to develop interactive videos